Friday, 24 March 2017

Places I want to Travel: Europe

Well it's been a very long (once again) but, as you can probably tell uni (again) took over my life. I have just finished my final production which was 5 weeks of intensive rehearsals and then a show! It was an amazing opportunity and such fun (Shout out to Perfect Pitch as they rocked!). Now I have finished my degree (totally not freaking out...) I thought it would be nice to do a travel post as to where I am planning on heading next!

Bruges- Belgium

Let's face it, they're going to have amazing chocolate here and the book recommends a place called the Chocolate Line which sounds insane! Plus, they're so many different markets from fish to bread to mini-boterwaffles (sweet buttered waffles) you pretty much have it all! You can also rent bikes! This is one thing I have always wanted to do as 1, there would be some cracking photo opportunities and 2, isn't it just nice to be outside and look at the views!

Berlin- Germany

The main reason I want to go to Berlin is to see the Berlin Wall. I feel like it's such a poignant time in history (I am a tad of a history geek) that if you went to Berlin it would be silly not to go. Staying on the theme of history the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe is another place I want to go. If history isn't your thing then don't worry as there is a swimming pool on a barge, called Bardeschiff, which is under a bubble tent which is then turned into a floating sauna! (Pretty cool if you ask me!)

Capri- Italy

Now, I've been to Sorrento and the Almalfi coast before however I never got a chance to go to Capri. You get there via a boat but you can also take a trip the whole way round the island on the boat and explore the famous sites, such as the Blue Grotto. When you get on the island there are several things you can do like go on a chair lift to the peak of Monte Solaro, take a hike to the Arco Naturale or eat. There is a small restaurant called Da Gemma where they serve pizza and pasta with lovely views plus its nice and quiet.(what more could you want?!)

I highly recommend getting this book as it is fantastic at telling where all the great things are in each city! All the information above is from the book and I obviously the places I have talked about are where I have wanted to go for a very long time! Thankyou all for reading and I should be back very soon!

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