Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Halloween Mermaid Makeup

Good Evening lovelyy people! So I have been planning some Halloween makeup looks for so long and I thought now would be round about the right time to post them. I have seen that quite a few people have been doing Mermaid makeup and I think it looks super cool, so if you want to find out how I have done it stay tuned!


The first thing you will need for this is a pair of fish net tights (bare with me!). I used an MUA eyeshadow palette (It had no name but it is blue and £6) mixed with a little of my Urban Decay Smokey palette.
Step1: Put the pair of fishnet tights over your head so it is covering all the way down to your cheeks.
Step2: Starting with the darkest colour (Urban Decay Palette), brush the colour over the tights starting on the outside of the face working your way in.
Step3: Carry on doing the above until you reach the lightest shade (MUA Palette) in the middle of the forehead
Step4: Bring the lightest colour onto the tops of the cheek bones (MUA/ Urban Decay Palette) as a highlight.
Step5: Use the darkest colour (MUA Palette) to contour cheeks and then add the brightest blue over the top!


Excuse the very clumpy eyebrows I went a little over the top with my blue eyeliner! The eyes are just a simple smokey eye with blue liner and thick black mascara.
Step1: Use the brightest blue shade all over the eye.
Step2: Use the grey colour in the crease and bring it slightly in towards the nose.
Step3: Blend the darkest blue into the outer crease.
Step4: Apply a dark blue eye liner (Mine was a Models Own one!) and wing out towards eyebrow.
Step5: Use a bright blue in the centre of the eye and whack some black mascara on!
Step6: Use the dark blue eyeliner as an eyebrow pencil and fill your brows as normal and place the lighter eyeliner underneath.
Step7: Finally use dark liner in waterline and smudge out with lighter colour eye liner.


So I didn't have any blue lipstick as I forgot get some, so I had to improvise and use the eyeliner as lipstick... it didn't turn out as badly as I first thought it would!!
Step1: Apply lighter eye liner all over the lips, slightly over lining them.
Step2: Put the darker liner in the corner and start to blend in towards the centre.
Step3: Finally apply the lightest colour (MUA Palette) in the centre of the lips.

And the Mermaid look is complete! I hope you all like the makeup and keep your eyes peeled this week as there will hopefully be another TWO Halloween Makeup looks coming up!


  1. I love it; you look pretty. I'm still trying to decide on a what I'm going to draw on my face.

    Nour |

  2. Very much enjoyed watching the creation of this look! *giggle* <3


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