Saturday, 10 September 2016

How I stay Positive!

Helloooo Gorgeous people! So, this wasn't the blog post I wanted to post today however, the lighting was just horrific so I am going to re-take the photos with better lighting.  This is going to be a nice chatty post on how I stay positive about life in general, if you have tip and trick I would love to know so leave them in comments!

Have some time to yourself

This is so important!. I have worked for the majority of summer, no days off, even working the weekend and I've just felt a bit off! However, recently I've took a couple of days off and I haven't been worrying quite so much over my blog (sorry guys!). When you take some time out and have a nice long bath it allows you to gather your thoughts and to just chill. I find taking a bath in the evenings is the best as then I am all relaxed ready for a good nights kip!

A social media ban?

That's right guys, I find banning myself from my phone for a couple of hours really helps me de-stress. It's just nice to know that your not waiting on a reply or your not constantly checking how many likes your newest instagram post has got. Or, the worst one checking how many followers you have and watching the numbers flick up and down and up and down and up and down! I've done this for whole evening but even just for an hour or so will really help you relax.

Positive Quotes 

I love a good positive quote. Some people find them really chessey which is absolutely fine, however they just motivate me that little bit extra. When i'm having a morning scroll through twitter (we all do it!) and I see that someone has posted a positive quote it really gets me in the right mood for the day. Here are a couple of my favourites! (P.S these are not my photos I just like the quotes!)

Finding some Inspiration

Whether it's to do with blogging or your job or even just to get out of bed in the morning and go to the gym having something/someone you aspire to can be super motivating! A couple of bloggers I am loving at the moment are Suzie from Hello October, Victoria from Inthefrow and Em Sheldon from EmTalks. There blogs are flawless and you can see how much effort every single one of them puts into everything they do!

Happy Lists

This can be physically writing down all the things that you are loving at the moment or to making a playlist of all the songs that make you want to dance. Because of my degree I love listening to musical theatre songs as they make me want to be the best version of myself on and off stage; I mean you cannot beat blasting a little bit of Wicked on the way to work in the morning!

And those are all the things that make me that little bit more positive! I hope you all enjoy reading and remember to share what makes you more positive! 


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