Wednesday, 24 August 2016

V Festival Fun

Helllooooo lovely people! So, I survived V Festival. And oh my god what an amazing experience it was; to get absolutely soaking in the rain to sitting out in the sunshine with a cider. It was just great! This post is a bit of a collage of lot's of lovely photos (some a little bit fuzzy so I apologise!) and a couple of make-up and fashiony bits towards the end!

The Experience

 These are just a handful of photos I have! So I think to have the best time at a festival you have to be with the most amazing people and I just totally was. The girls are from my uni course and we just got on like a house on fire. Also, we all liked to have a good drink and a dance so we basically danced the night away until our feet fell off!

The music was fab. My fav's were Bastille, Rihanna, Lethal Bizzle, Stormzy, Example and David Guetta just to name a few! The atmosphere was amazing when all of these played and everyone was dancing and signing even in the torrential rain we had! The person I was most gutted about was Justin Beiber. He mimed his whole set and started to randomly talk about Pop Tarts which was such a shame as some of his latest music are absolute tunes!

Now, I had never ever been camping before so this was a whole new experience. When I was attempting to put my tent up the horrific weather I asked myself "Amber, why did you think camping would be a good idea?" However, once we had settled in it wasn't too bad! I slept on a foam roll mat which was just awful however, I bought one of my own pillows from home whihc was the best decision I had made! Overall, camping was a success!

Make-up and Fashion

I didn't really take an proper outfit photos as tbh, I totally forgot because I was having too much fun! However, I can tell you where a few bits and bob are from! 
Top Photo: The white dress and blue glitter are both from Topshop. The blue glitter I have on my                          eyes is from NYX.
Middle Photo: I wore my hair in french plaits everyday purely because it kept it out my face and                                 when it rained it still look semi-decent! The hair glitter is from Topshop!
Bottom Photo: My bodysuit is from Miss Guided which I absolutely love and the short are from                                  Asos, the belt was free off a pair of shorts I bought from New Look but if you look on                          Asos there are sooooo many similar ones on there! I used my hair glitter on my face                              with a bit of silver glitter off my bezzie (Thanks Sarah babes!), my lipstick is NYX                              liquid lipstick in Amsterdam.

And that is my whole weekend in one blog post! If you have any questions leave them me in the comments and I would love to answer them, you can also find me on twitter (lovefromamaber) and instagram (withlovefromamber) if you fancy having a quick look! Have a lovely last week of August guys! (This year has gone so fast. It's nearly September.)


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