Thursday, 2 June 2016

Travel Essentials

Now because it's nearing the holiday season and I go on holiday in 3 day; (which I am SUUPPERRR excited about!) I thought I would pop down a couple of my 'Travel Essentials' which will last you in the airport, on the flight and on your actual holiday! Let the holiday excitement commence! (P.S HOW CUTE IS THIS MAKE-UP BAG?!?)


I feel like headphones are the most important thing to take on a trip EVER. 1, It entertains me where ever and when ever as it will not disturb a soul. 2. They are great for blocking out that screaming child sitting in the seat behind you. 3. When you fancy you can keep up with the world of Youtube on the beach. (We all do it as much as we say we are having a break from social media on holiday!)

Lip Balms

Yes there are three lip balms and yes they will all be coming with me on holiday; And not because I REALLY need them all but because you can guarantee I will lose at least two of them some where along the line. Anyway they are all great lip balms! The Marks and Spencer's chapstick is a new one of mine and has shea butter in so it smells delicious. The Coca Vaseline is so moisturising on the lips and sink in really well, I always use this before I put any matter lipstick near my lips! Lastly, is the Nivea lip butter in Caramel Cream and it smells AMAZING like better than the Marks and Spencers one! It had quite a thick consistency so I whack this one one over night so my lips feel super soft in the morning!


Colour Calming Primer

Now, if you burn as badly as I do this will be your best friend on holiday! So, when you bun you go red, and this No7 green primer counteracts the redness so it leaves you with a neutral base. Obviously, if you've burnt to the colour of a lobster this stuff doesn't work miracles and won't completely cover the redness. However, it does a great job of countering redness and when I went to Sorrento last year I could not of lived without this stuff!

Nail Varnish

This is one of those things that I always forget purely because you paint all your nails before you go and then BAM first day you chip your toe nail on a rock in the sea. Not cool. At least when you remember to bring it with you, you can quickly cover it up before dinner!


Hand Gel

A BIG must have. Now I'm not one of those people that touch a railing and think "eurghhh think how many germs and other peoples hands have been on this railing". However, when your abroad you probably have no idea where there's a sink to wash your hands in so it's best to have this in bag then at least you can have shiny clean hands to eat your ice-cream with!

Sample Size Perfume

This is a tiny tiny sample I got free from a magazine years and it is still going! The past few years I have packed this in my hand luggage bag because it is small enough to go through security so you don't have to take a trip to boots/ duty free and buy a new spray! This Viva La Juicy one smells fab too!

A Selection of Sunglasses

That is right, we all need a selection of sunglasses. On holiday sunglasses complete an outfit whether it's a sophisticated cat eye to match a cute dress or a pair of aviators matched with denim shorts and a white blouse, they just pull an outfit together, I always try and bring a pair I don't mind getting wet in the sea, a nice pair to wear to dinner/ to a nice lunch and a cool pair with funky lenses to spice up an outfit!

And they are all my Travel Essentials! I hope they have helped you and reminded you of any little bits and bobs that you might of forgotten, I need to start packing for my own holiday now so have a lovely weekend everyone! 


  1. Such a helpful post! I find lip balm, hand cream and hand sanitizer my favourites when I travel.

    1. Aw Thankyou so much, they are absolute life savers! X


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