Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Autumn Wishlist

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Hellooo on this very chilly evening! I have been LOVING having a good nosey around all the shops, to have a look what is new for Autumn, as we are officially into knitwear season! There have been some beautiful pieces out and about however, I am a practical girl and if it doesn't keep me warm then it's a no go. Anyway, I have got some lovelyyyyy winter wollies to show you so let's jump straight in!!

Miss Guided

Suede Mustard Biker Jacket

In the summer, I really wanted a light pink version of this exact jacket however, I think I prefer this one! It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the fact that it is a slightly darker mustard than the usual so it will go with my hair. (To non-gingers it is SO hard to find colour that goes with my hair!)

White Blazer Dress

Let's just appreciate how stunning this dress is... Okay, I have been looking for a white shirt dress for ages however they are either a beach cover up or are too damn short! I love that is has more structure to it so you can wear it for my dressy occasions. Also, this would look super cute with some black ankle boots, tights and a duster coat for a day time look!

New Look

Black and Red Checked Shirt

I lovveee how understated this shirt is as it's not bright red like my other shirt is! Also, it comes a lot longer so it covers my bum so if I want to wear it to uni with leggings I can do and not be too self-conscious of whether I have a knicker line or not. BONUS!

River Island

Khaki Boots

As soon as I saw these boots I fell in love with them. Everybody normally goes for black boots, which I love, but this just adds a very autumnal touch to an outfit. Literally all of my wardrobe is black so, I think I need them in my wardrobe!

Miss Selfridge

Oatmeal Jumper

HOW CUTE IS THIS JUMPER!?! Now, the inspiration from this came from one of Hello October's latest videos, which was a haul, and she bought the cutest oatmeal colour jumper but I didn't like the sleeves as the flared out slightly! Anyway, I think this jumper looks so classic and I love the neckline as I'm not a fan of the big turtle neck!


Ripped Joni Jeans

I had to have a pair of Jeans in here as I literally live in them in Autumn. I love the colour and the rips in these jeans and so do A LOT of other people as they have nearly sold out in every single size whihc is rather annoying as I love them! If anyone has any similar suggestions please leave a comment!!

And we are done! This post could of been extremely lengthy however, I narrowed it down to the essentials. If you have any other suggestions for my Autumn wardrobe I would love to know!! Also, my next few posts are fingers crossed going to be some Halloween makeup so keep your eyes peeled!!

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