Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Favourites

Hellloooo lovely people! Well, it's July already, where has the time flown by? I've had the most wonderful month going on holiday and going to my fave city of all time which is of course London; if you fancy having a look at what I got up to there are a couple of fashion and travel posts down below! But for now, let's have a chat about what I've been loving in June!

Charlotte Tilbury Blusher in Ectasy

SO. This is the mother of all blushes. I love this blush because it's not as 'baby pink' as some of my other blushers however it gives a lovely pinched effect to the cheeks! I normally use this with my Real Technique Blush Brush which I swish around the pan and plonk on my cheeks. OR if I'm feeling a lil bit fancier I put it one the way CT herself does; use the outside colour on the main bit of cheek and the brighter centre colour for that POP!

212 VIP Rose Perfume

DUTY FREE ALERT, REPEAT, DUTY FREE ALERT! This is the only thing I bought from duty free which for me is very impressive. I wasn't going to buy anything but, I kept going to back to it so obviously I had to get. I love the 212 Sexy version which is a lot deeper than this. This one is a lot lighter and a tad more floraly which is great for summer! PLUS, the packaging is rose gold and who can resist rose gold!?! (Not me!)

Soap and Glory Brow Archery in Blonde

Now, if you follow me on instagram you will know I have been banging on about this for the whole month! And if your not following me on instagram then... where have you been?! ( just kidding but it would be lovely if you could drop me a follow, the name is withlovefromamber) Anyway, the pencil is tiny and is perfect for the "I want five mins more in bed so the ABH brow pomade is a no go because it takes an age to put on". I bought blonde because I like my brows to be a tad lighter than the actual hair is, plus my ginger hair is a big enough statement as it is never mind adding ridiculously dark brows. Also, the felt tip on the end works wonders for creating an ombre effect, just flick it through the tail of the brow to darken the end!

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Stoned Rose

I could not put this lipstick down this month as it is so moisturising on the lips it literally feels like a lip balm! The colour is also gorgeous because it's not the standard Mac Velvet Teddy colour (which I do love) it is slightly more reddy toned which works with pale skin so well! I need to invest in more CT lipsticks so if you have any recommendations I would love you to drop a comment!


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc

The holy grail summer foundation has of course made it into my June favourites! I used this non-stop on my holiday and ever since coming home. It is super blendable with the perfect amount of coverage to cover redness however, it doesn't hide my freckles! This my third bottle in about two and half years but I can't seem to stop re-purchasing it!


Benefit They're Real Mascara in Black

My lovely boyfriend bought me this on the plane so I could use it on holiday. (Thanksss Matt!!) Personally, I love this mascara it not only curls my lashes but they are still curled by the end of the day. Furthermore, the formula is super super black which is super super important when wearing a smokey eye! It's just an overall amazing mascara which is why this is my fourth one... 

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black

Now, this stuff does not budge off your bottom lashes. Recently my mascara just doesn't stick to my bottom lashes like it used to and I have no idea why! SO I cracked out this little beauty again which Tanya Burr was loving a couple of years ago. It has a tiny, tiny wand that grabs every single lash. I love this paired with white eyeliner in my bottom lash line to give me a super wide eye!

YSL Touche Eclat

I used to love this product agesssss ago but with me buying s much makeup (oops) I started t use other things and just forgot about it! However, when I was packing for my holiday I took this with me and re- fell back in love with it. It is so brighting that it literally gives me a face lift! I apply it under my eyes, especially in the inner corner, and around my nose as they are the darkest parts of my face! P.s, I'm not entirely sure on the colour but it's the lightest one they had!

And that's all my favourites wrapped into one blog post! Thankyou all so much for reading and I would love to see what your favourites are if you link yourself up in the comments! 


  1. That blusher looks stunning! :-) I love the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, my favourite has to be So Marilyn

    1. It's beautiful! Ohhh what colour is that?? xox


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