Saturday, 17 June 2017

Testing out Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Good Evening on this beautiful summers day! So, I was browsing in Superdrug (as you do) and I was looking for a wearable drugstore eyeshadow quad. What I always find with drugstore eyeshadow palettes is that there is one colour that I will never ever use, so I just end up putting it down and heading back to my trusty Urban Decay palettes. However, this Tanya Burr quad really caught my eye as its super warm toned and all the colours are beautiful!


As you can see all the colours are so pretty, especially the three shimmery ones. All the colours go really well together and blend out smoothly too. I'll quickly take you through each shadow and then onto how I used them!
Champagne Cocktail is a little darker than I expected but still beautiful, I used this on my inner corner to give a touch of brightness. I wish it was a tad more pigmented so it would show up brighter in comparison to the other two shimmers!
Tranquillity is my fave! It's a stunning light cranberry which is so pigmented. I used this all over my lid blending it up slightly into the crease.
Miami Sunrise is again another gorgeous shimmer which is a more peachy shade. It blends out wonderfully and I used this on my lower lash line.
Last but not least is Hammock.This is the most cool toned brown out of the palette and is the only matte shade too. This is the only colour I was slightly disappointed with only because in comparison to the other three colours, it didn't have a lot of pigmentation. Don't get me wrong you can still see the colour but I really had to layer the it into my crease.  


 I hope you have enjoyed some evening reading in the very, very hot weather. As you can tell, being this pale I am struggling!! Have a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow and I will see you very soon!



  1. I've never tried out Tanya's eyeshadows, but seeing this gorgeous look you've created has really made me want to go and have a swatch. I especially love the love of Tranquility! Great post, Amber!

    Olivia - The Northernist

  2. The package is already inviting.

  3. Loving the colour and the packaging! Great post
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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