Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Round up of 2016!

And I am finally back! Well, what a year it has been. Apologises for going off the face of the earth the past couple of months, uni literally took up my whole life. I hardly had time for a food shop never mind blogging my little heart away! Anyway, to close the book of 2016 I thought I would do a quick (ish) round up of everything I have achieved, seen and experienced. WARNING: this is basically a picture book of 2016. ENJOY!!!


At times university can be incredibly hard however, the rewards you reap are so fulfilling it makes everything worth while.

 The Gals and Guys who ROCK

The sub-heading pretty much speaks for itself but my friends are the best there is.

What I've done

Too much is the answer! I've been to my first festival, went on my first holiday with the boyfriend, some how managed to stand him for two years, successfully auditioned for UClan Chamber Choir, finished my second year of uni and started my third, numerous trips to my fave cities (London and Manchester) and enjoyed every second of it!

 Oh, and I turned the big 21

 And the picture book is complete. So, I have lost count of the amount of times I've said this however the blog will soon be back on track. I have a few days before I go back to uni to sort some stuff out in advance and this years semesters aren't as busy as last years were! I hope you all had a wonderful 2016 and have an even better 2017!


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  1. This is very cute... HAPPY NEW YEAR Ginge <3 (bit late as I, you know, live with you and all!)


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