Monday, 29 August 2016

Most Worn Summer

Well, the last time I posted one of these posts it went down pretty well! So, I thought I would put together a more up to date version. It is labelled, "summer" Most Worn however, it is not amazingly sunny in the UK the majority of the time so this is why I'm wearing my jacket! (Plus, I feel the cold rreeaaalllyyy easily and I just hate being cold!!) Moving swiftly on, let's get down to what I wore the most in recent weeks!

The Outfit

Where it was from

Sunglasses- Forever 21- These are cheap and cheerful but I actually love them.
Leather Jacket: Miss Selfridge- I have had the jacket for yyeaarrsss however, there are loads around                            and about if you have a little look!
Shirt: Forever 21- I wear this shirt non-stop because it's so blooming comfy and makes me look a hell                               of a lot more put together than I actual am.
Bag: H and M- If you have a nosey through some of my posts this bag pops up quite a lot but it's just                          great. Small, simple practical with a zip but looks cute with the plait detail!
Jeans: River Island- I think these are the Molly jeans (THINK, they are!) and tbh, I think they look                                      really cool. I'm not a fan of the rips all the way up the leg but in the knees it                                          makes an outfit look super casual!
Shoes: Converse- Of course it had to be my trusty white converse. I do love a good pair of converse                                especially in white as you can wear them with cute dresses as well as jeans!

I am all about being comfy when it comes to my everyday outfit as, who really wants to be strutting around in 6 inch heels and a tight pencil skirt whilst doing the food shop in Tesco. Not me! I hope you have all had a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend and I will be back very, very soon!


  1. Love your outfit! I wear my converse so much x

    1. Aw thankyou so much! I literally live in mine! xox


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