Tuesday, 9 August 2016

July Favourites

Hellooo Lovely people! So, I haven't been posting as much as I usually do and I totally apologise for that. I've had a couple of crisis's (which are now under control) and, I've been struggling to juggle work with blogging. If anyone has any tips on how to organise myself then please let me know! Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom and let's get into what I've been LOVING in July!!


 Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. Need I say more? I bought these towards the end of July and they haven't left my face since. Yes I wear these everyday, Yes I look like a glitter ball and No I don't care that I look like a glitter ball! I use the cream highlight (in the stick) on my brown bone and cupid bow as it's slightly more subtle (You can see in the swatches that the bottom cream one is less intense!). The powder highlight is INSANE, so pigmented and such a beautiful colour that will compliment any skin tone!

YSL Touche Eclat

With all the late night's in July I couldn't of lived without this. It corrects/ covers dark blue bags underneath the eyes perfectly, it literally looks like I've had twenty hours sleep not including naps! Now, as it's YSL of course it's going to be a little pricey in comparison to the Loreal version however, it lasts such a long time. Definitely worth the investment!

Loreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara

If you a regular reader (And if your not I hope you become one!) you will know I have loved this mascara ever since I got my hands on it. It's such a great formula which curls my lashes as well as adding volume; It is also super black which is what everyone looks for in a mascara. Now, if you are a bristle brush lass this might make you change your mind as I was all about the bristles until I used this bad boy and Benefit They're Real which is also amazing!

Benefit Gimme Brow

Hello Gorgeous Brows. This stuff is just great, ever since I got it free of Glamour magazine I have been all over it. The packaging is super cute and the wand is so tiny that it coats every single hair. My only problem with it is that there is A LOT of product on the wand so just remember to wipe the excess on the side of the tube.  However, my brows stay all day. And I mean all day!

Garnier Micellar Water

This went round the blogging community a couple of months ago and I've had mine for a while but, could never stray from my trusty make-up. (Yes I love my makeup wipes as I cannot be bothered to have a full blown skincare routine before I curl up into bed!) Well, I ran out of my makeup wipes so thought I would give this another go and I have to say I am super impressed! I just pop this on a big cotton pad, rub it all over my face, press lightly on my eyes and Bob's your uncle all the makeup is gone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful couple of weeks and I am starting to get back on track with all the blogging stuff now! I love looking/ replying to your comments and if you want to check out your blog leave it below and I would Love to have nose!


  1. OMG I literally need to try Champagne Pop! It looks heavenly <3 I'm totally all for the Glitter Ball look too so don't worry ;) I have used the L'oreal version of Touche Eclat which I love, but when I have the pennies for YSL I deffo wanna try it! As for Gimme Brow, I got mine free with Glamour too and it is literally amazing! I'd happily splash out on that any day :)

    I totally had the same troubles as you trying to get motivated and balance work and blogging but Pinterest has some really helpful tips! I'd try there if you haven't already :) Good luck!

    Tania | teabee x

    1. You can never beat the GLitterball look! Oooohh I will have to have a look at pinterest! Thankyou so much! xox

  2. Heard so many amazing things about Champagne Pop! It does look like a beautiful colour though so no wonder! I'm a huge fan of the Garnier Micellar Water too, it took me a while to get used to it but it's great! (Also, I still remove the bulk -if not all - of my make-up with wipes! I'm too lazy for anything else every single night!)


    1. Oh god yeah! I will never understand how people have the time to do a full skincare routine everyday! I prefer the extra ten minutes in bed! xox

  3. I absolutely love the Micellar water too! Baby wipes used to be my holy grail, but this converted me!


    1. I love the way micellar water just takes everything off and you don't have to really rub your eyes! xox


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