Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Holiday Diary

Helllllooooo lovely people! So sorry I haven't posted in a while, as you can tell by the title it's because I've been on holiday!! I went with my boyfriend and I had the most wonderful time relaxing and having a couple of little adventures. This is just a small diary of what we did and then there will e outfit and makeup posts coming later on this week! (There are a lot photos in this post by the way! I hope you enjoy!!)

Day 1,2 and 3

So the first three days of holiday we mainly sunbathed, swam in the pool and ate. Not very adventurous but it was sooo relaxing; we ate A LOT of ice-cream as it we went all inclusive which was great  as we could eat as much as we wanted to. (Probably a bit too much as my jeans are suuuppperrrrrr tight now!) Our hotel (Taurito Princess) was right on the beach and the sea was so clear you could see all the rocks at the bottom. The photo below was the sunset we watched every evening as it was just so beautiful!

 Day 4

WE WENT ON A SUBMARINE AND IT WAS SO COOL! It was yellow, of course, and was just the most amazing experience ever. We saw lots and lots of fish and even a sunken ship. We went to a place called Puerto Mogan for the submarine ride and we also had time to have a nose around the market and the town which were super super pretty. Puerto Mogan is known as little Venice due to the little canals running through the town! (You learn something new every day kids!)

 Day 5

We went to the capital city which is Las Palmas for a day of sight seeing and shopping! Luckily it wasn't quite so hot as we did a hell of a lot of walking. Mainly around the shops but also around Christopher Colmbus's house and a huge Cathedral which we walked all the way to the top of to catch a beautiful view of the whole city! We went shopping in the biggest shopping centre on the island. We had a lunch and then set off searching around the shops! I only bought two things and they were from a place call OYSHO which sold all sorts of stuff but the gym gear was amazing! I picked up the gym leggings and baggy top which are super soft and comfy!

 Day 6 and 7

We again just chilled by the pool and ate ice-cream.... I don't think I have consumed so much ice-cream in all my life! And then by day 7 it was time to pack and go home! I had such a wonderful time and I would definitely recommend everyone to go to Gran Canaria as it is just stunning!

And that is my diary complete. I hope you all enjoyed reading and i hope it helped anyone who is off on holiday to the island! There will be fingers crossed a couple more posts coming later on this week about what clothes I took with me and what my holiday face consisted of!


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