Monday, 18 April 2016

Most Worn

I would love to say I am one of those people who strut around in heels, floor length coats and culottes all day but unfortunately I am veryyy lazy and would prefer an extra ten minutes in bed rather than putting together an outfit! This Most Worn post is what I wear on a daily basis whether I'm going to uni, having lunch with friends or having a romantic walk with the boyfriend. Credit to him for taking a GAZZILION photos for me!


I mean who can live without them because I certainly can't! If I'm not in my Nike gym leggings then I'm in my trusty Miss Selfridge high waisted skinnies! There basically exactly the same of the standard Topshop Joni jeans however, at £4 cheaper you cannot go wrong, so if you buy three pairs of jeans that's £12 saving which you can buy a new top- it's a win win situation! Blue or black, whatever colour I pick up first they go with basically everything.

Brown Suede Boots

I have worn these boots from River Island soooo much they have holes in each sole! But, they are so damn comfy and have lasted me over a year! Granted, I probably should of brought some new ones but, they just go with everything and look smarter than my trainers. Plus, because they are from River Island they don't completely burst the bank!

Blue and White Striped Shirt

One of my all times favourite tops as A. it's easy to wash which is extremely important for a uni student! B. you can get them from literally every high street shop ever. C. they are very, very comfy and look smart. You can't go wrong with a shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans!

Khaki Parker Coat

These were "all the trend" a couple of years ago but, I still absolutely adore mine! Mine is from ZARA and has a fur detachable lining which is so warm in the freezing cold. They are just so easy to chuck on when you are in a rush and that's why I love mine so much! The only downside to them are that they don't look particularly smart, so if your going for a smart look grab your trusty camel coloured coat!

Sunglasses- Topshop, Coat- Zara, Bag- Ted Baker, Jeans- Miss Selfridge, Sacrf- Miss Selfridge, Boots- River Island


Big, small, light, dark, any type of scarf will do, I just love scarves! The one I'm wearing is from Miss Selfridge and it is HUGE! I can literally use it as a blanket around uni whenever I get cold! I don't think you can go wrong with a scarf especially during spring because you can never really tell what the weather is going to do so it's handy for the chilly mornings. Of course I got my scarf in black and white because I literally wear no other colour but black and white!

I love reading/ watching what people have worn most, as that it's when people's style is at their simplest; plus it gives me inspiration for what I want to get and to see how much I would actually use it! So I hope this helps you and you have a wonderful week!
                                                                 With love from Amber


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