Monday, 11 April 2016

Mary Poppins

Recently I went to see the Mary Poppins tour and I absolutely loved it! It had ALL the old classic like "a spoonful of sugar" and "supercalafrachalisticexpalidoucus" (I mean, what a word to try and spell!). But, it also had some new songs like "step in time" and "being Mrs Banks". So, let's talk more about being a chimney sweep!

Bert was played by the Australian actor Matt Lee who opened the entire show. He was the perfect "cheeky chap" to play Bert as he just had so much charisma and charm. Him and Zizi Strallen who played Mary Poppins had the perfect amount of stage chemistry but, were also quite the comedy duo!
Zizi Strallen was just sensational, her voice is incredible and she had dance skills to match! She got the balance perfectly of firm but fair with the children and she stayed in character completely through out the whole show (as as expected!)! Even when entering and exiting the stage she possessed such poise and grace!

George Banks played by Milo Twomey and Winifred Banks played by Rebecca Lock were the perfect pair. My personal fav out of the whole show had to be George Banks as he played such a truthful character so well. Although he acted quite firmly towards the children the audience could see that he only wanted the best for them. In addition, Twomey's acting skills were FAULTLESS, he nearly made me cry several times and I'm not really much of a cryer!! Winifred Banks was honestly a bit nutty bit it surprisingly suited her character very well as her own story progressed. All she wanted to do was please everyone, but at the end of the show she realises that it just isn't achievable. When she sang the song "Being Mrs Banks" it literally broke my heart it was so emotional!

Probably my favourite part of the show was at the end when the whole of the Bank family (inclduing the children) watched the shooting star pass and MR and Mrs Banks embraced. The whole scene was just so honest and all of the audince felt a rush of love and happiness towards the family. Again, this ALMOST made me tear up however I AM NOT  A CRYER! REPEAT I AM NOT A CRYER!

I highly recommend the show as the whole thing was just amazing. All of the set, costume, makeup, actors, props, lighting, the band EVERYTHING was just on point! If you can go and see it before i closes I really would! I wish I could see it again however, I am back at university in Preston now so unfortunately I can't see it again! (sad face, as it was just so good!)
                                                           With love from Amber

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