Thursday, 31 March 2016

Mad about M.A.C

For my first proper blog post I've been abit sentimental basing it on M.A.C as it was the first "high-end" brand that I ever bought from, so I thought it would be nice to start off the journey where the make-up obsession began! Personal opinion on the brand as a whole; amazing quality, not a price tag that I'm blinded by every time I buy something and, you can pretty much get hold of it any where! WHICH IS FAB! Enough rambling for now as we have ALOT to get through!


I have quite a lot of lipsticks so I thought I would share a couple of fav's with you all! The first thing I ever brought from M.A.C was the lipstick in Russian Red- a beautiful matte red that I still wear to this day! A cult classic that EVERYONE is talking about nowadays is Velvet Teddy, a gorgeous brown nude with a slight orange under tone; it suits any occasion and is perfect for slapping on without a mirror and running out the door. Still along the lines of nudes my last fav is Retro, which is a satin finish and quite a bit darker than Velvet Teddy. I love it because it has a reddy undertone which I personally just love!

From Left to Right: Russian Red, Retro and Velvet Teddy.


I drastically need to get more of these as the one I have is just incredible and has amazing lasting power! I have the colour Whirl which is a dirty rose and just looks stunning on it's own or with another lipstick over the top! (I normally use Velvet Teddy so it creates more dimension.)

Eyeshadow/ Pigment

Unfortunately I don't use my eyeshadows as much as I would like to purely because they are all in individual pots, which is SOOOO inconvenient when I've got several Urban Decay Naked palettes with everything you need including a mirror. However, when I can be bothered to fish them our of the bottom of my makeup case I do really enjoy using them. I'm planning on getting a palette for them so if anyone has any recommendations drop me a comment! 
Woodwinked is a beautiful veluxe pearl shadow that I can shove all over my lid, blend it out with a bronzer and then I'm done! If I want to smoke it out a bit I'll add a little bit of brown kohl liner along my lash line and blend.
Cranberry is basically what it says on the tin, a cranberry colour with a stunning frost finish which is honestly one of my favourite shadows. I love to put this in the crease when I'm doing a standard smokey eye to make it look more modern!
The one and only pigment I have is Vanilla purely on the recommendation of Tanya Burr a couple of years ago! It makes a beautiful inner corner highlight which is perfect for those sleepy days where you just actually want to look alive! 

Around the circle clockwise: Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Woodwinked, Carbon, Cranberry, All That Glitters and Brule.  Middle shadow is Gilt by Appreciation.

Mascara/ Eyeliner

Again I have one of each which came in a Christmas gift set a few years ago now; not gonna lie, I probably should of thrown the Opulash mascara away ages ago as it is so old and has completely dried out! Of what I can remember it was an alright mascara but there are wayyy better ones I would prefer to spend my money on! The eyeliner in Stubborn Brown however, is still as creamy as ever and has the last power of superglue on the lash and water line!

Mineralize Skinfinish

I have both the "cult classics" in these as I'm obsessed with highlighting at the moment! Both Lightscape and, Soft and Gentle are BEAUT and blend into the skin seamlessly. If you want a more subtle highlight I would recommend Lightscape as it doesn't have as much glitter in as Soft and Gentle which is a full on shimmery highlight that I CANNOT get enough of!

Left to Right: Soft and Gentle and Lightscape.


Last but not least are the trusty 217, 230 and 266 brushes! The 217 is a complete must-have as it's an all rounder brush that can apply any eyeshadow where ever with, I use it more to apply/ blend colour out in the crease. The 230 shading brush perfectly applies colour all over the lid and disperses the right amount of shadow so you can't really go wrong; I also use the tip of the brush on my lower lash line as I'm yet to invest in a pencil brush (any recommendations would be highly appreciated!). I use the 266 brush on my upper lash line, usually with darker colours to create a subtle eyeliner effect. I ALWAYS map out the shape of winged eyeliner with this angled brush and Carbon eyeshdow, before I go ANY WHERE near the gel eye liner. Trust me, it is not a pretty sight when things go wrong and I have to take my whole face of makeup off because I've smudged gel liner every where!

Working downwards: 230, 217 and 266.

AND WE ARE DONE! Thankyou so much for reading and I hope it helped anyone out who is struggling  to decide what to take out of their basket at the M.A.C checkout! We have ALL been there Ladies and Gents!
                                                            With love from Amber

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